What is Content Marketing?


Your message is your message. At least, it should be. That’s the point of content marketing.

By creating and distributing your own content, you can control every aspect of communications with your target audience. You are no longer hidden among hundreds of ads in a magazine. Instead, you are the magazine. You engage your audience in a thoughtful conversation rather than positioning yourself as one of many companies trying to make a sale. You allow your target audience to look at you and say: This company is valuable. It’s compelling. It’s relevant.

So-called “interruption marketing” is no longer the preferred way to get your message out. Content marketing breaks through the clutter, reflects your passion, and engenders trust. At the end of the day, content marketing begins a renewed and strengthened relationship between you and the people who matter most: your audience.

Break Through the Clutter

80% of readers prefer learning about a company through a custom publication. And if they’re going to receive information from that company, they’d prefer to get it through customized communications rather than ads.*

*Roper Public Affairs/Gfk for the Custom Publishing Council

Increase Brand Awareness

75% of readers feel better informed when reading custom publications.* A print or eMedia product can be branded with your organization’s identity. Your name can be used as a slogan or title. For instance: Connect: The AT&T Guide to Mobile Entertainment

*Roper Public Affairs/Gfk for the Custom Publishing Council

Laser Targeting

You decide who gets your content, when they get it, and, ultimately, what you want them to do. Try that with traditional marketing.

No Content. No Social Media.

We all know the importance of a solid social media marketing strategy, but without content, there is no social media. Your valuable content can be leveraged to drive more of the right kind of people to your site, your product, and your message.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

60% of readers say that custom publications make them feel closer to the sponsor. And that's our goal: to make sure you earn the trust of your audience.*

*Roper Public Affairs/Gfk for the Custom Publishing Council

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