Marketing With Music

“Every time a brand uses music—in marketing, sales or in a PR context, regardless of the music, genre, style, artist, or channel through which it is played, the music is influencing a customer’s perceptions about the brand. It is effectively creating an asset or liability for its overall brand equity.”

—Ruth Simmons and Rachel Simmons

As Simmons and Simmons note, music can be used in a positive or negative way, so it is crucial that music be carefully matched to your organization and message. As experts in music lifestyle content, we know one thing is for sure: It can’t be faked. Consumers who live part of their lives through music are passionate people who care about the content they choose to engage in. They easily sniff out and ignore bad content, but love and cherish music content that takes them to new heights.

white_paper_icon The Medium is the Message: Five Music Marketing Ideas That Could Pay Dividends Now

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