Why Rap Radar Should Be Produced by Adidas

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on February 24, 2009

Well, could be Adidas, Mountain Dew, Hilfiger...you get the point. When I read this Folio: article on the launch of RapRadar.com, which is said to be the Huffington Post for Hip Hop music lovers, I couldn't get past this statement:

RapRadar will enter a highly-competitive category—with established Web sites including AllHipHop.com, SOHH.com and upstarts like NahRight covering the space alongside MTV, Billboard, the Source and even XXLmag.com.

Creating and growing an online destination based on advertising support is tough today, in any market. Shoot, even with almost 200 million users, Facebook only gets about $1 per user/per year through advertising.

Rap RadarIs there a better way?  I think so.

RapRadar could be a single-sponsored site. Find a company that wishes to engage with hip-hop music fans and have that brand underwrite the project. This entails much more than naming rights. The sponsor will get to develop the site based on their overall marketing objectives. They'll get access to the membership. They'll get to be the lone sponsor voice on the site. They'll get to engage with music fans on a daily basis.

Microsoft did it with Channel9. Intuit did it with JumpUp (now the Intuit Community). RapRadar could to the same with a sponsor desperate for engagement.

Why not? Seems a lot easier than selling display space.

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