What Can Content Marketers Learn from Ian Rogers?

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on November 07, 2008

Ian Rogers, former music director at Yahoo! and now the head of Topspin Media, had some interesting sound bytes while speaking at the Grammy MusicTech Summit in Seattle.

Topspin CoverYou can read all the details here at Todd Bishop’s Microsoft blog, but I’ve included some bits and commentary I feel are important when considering music content marketing.

"People are consuming more music than ever. You've got iPods up 60 percent year-on-year. P2P file sharing is up. Audio streaming is up. But people are also willing to pay for music.”

Opportunity for Music Content Marketers

More music means more niches, which means fans want more information than ever before about that music.

"It's not rocket science -- if somebody's a David Byrne fan and David Byrne sends them an e-mail, it definitely actually works. You can see a large percentage of our sales came from that channel. The next most interesting thing was how much search-engine optimization and search engines drove in the process. I think this is really key to somebody who is trying to manage their online business."

Opportunity for Music Content Marketers

Search engine optimization works only when there is relevant, compelling content created that gets spidered by the search engines and found informational or entertaining by the music fan.

If you sell a product to music fans, doesn’t creating content for that music fan make sense? If it’s valuable content and solves their problems, with a little search savvy, customers are soon to follow.

"Just ask yourself, what are we talking about here? Are we talking about the artists? Are we talking about marginal profitability for artists? Or are we talking about a change in business model for these companies that are in-between artists and fans? Because, honestly, to change your business model for companies that are between artists and fans? Who cares. That's up to those companies to adapt. Nobody felt sorry for Digital Equipment Corporation when the personal computer came along and changed the value proposition. It's exactly the same thing that's going on here."

Opportunity for Music Content Marketers

The business model for music information creation and distribution is changing as well. Just like there are new opportunities in creating and distributing music, there are opportunities for you to be the trusted informational resource for your customers. Look at your current marketing.  Are you considered a trusted resource when it comes to music-related content?

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