Virgin Mobile Seeks to Right Music Wrongs

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on March 05, 2009

Caught this Adverblog post about Virgin Mobile's launch of their Right Music Wrongs microsite, dedicated to those songs and artists that "just did wrong" by their fans and the music industry.

The featured song this month is "Ice Ice Baby" from Vanilla Ice. Here is the video of Rob Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice apologizing for the song, the look, and selling more rap singles than any song in history.

Other featured songs include Milli Vanilli, Kenny G and Michael Bolton.  Virgin is also encouraging fans to "report" on other violations through a submission form.

The payoff? Will this drive customer engagement and ultimately, business for Virgin Mobile?  Well, that's something that the jury will be out on for a while.

That said, the site, featured artists and statistics make the site fun...and frankly, I like some of those songs (and yes, I was one of those 40 million that bought the Vanilla Ice single). 

Regardless, Virgin Mobile is getting to mix music and marketing into something that positions their brand with music lovers.

Was "Achy Breaky Heart" really that bad? I bet Miley Cyrus doesn't think so.

Check out the site here.

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