Steps to Attract More Music Fans

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on October 07, 2008

I ran into this blog post through my Google Alerts account, and thought that it included some essential advice for not only musicians but for companies targeting music fans as customers.

For musicians, the sell is direct. You hope they like your music, then buy and support your product.

For companies that don't have music to sell the association is a bit different when targeting consumers.  It's indirect and ever-more challenging.

Just take the following steps provided in the above article, and switch them to fit your company.

1. Define Your Distinct Musical Identity

If you are targeting a specific music niche (which you should, like JVC does with Jazz), figure out which group best fits into your overall brand message. Some companies look to target the music industry, but don't put enough time into their music niche.

2. Describe Your Ideal Fan

What's the persona of your target customer? What do they listen to and follow from a musical standpoint and how will targeting that group affect your bottom line? What types of information and entertainment do they crave?

3. List Ways of Getting Access to Your Fans

This sounds a bit like media placement, but it's not.  Think of it this way...there are conversations going on out there within the music culture that is the best fit for your brand.  What can you do to get involved in that conversation?  What types of information can you create to spark the conversation.  Think less media and more information/entertainment.

4. Network and Promote Your Music "Content"

After you find out what can truly make an impact into your target "music fan" persona, make it easy for people to find you.  Microsites can be great, but are often walled out. Social media can do wonders to leverage your campaign, but can often seem disjointed.  The most important point is to first make sure what you have to say is relevant and compelling, then (and only then) work to distribute that content in an integrated fashion.

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