Leveraging Flickr Groups to Find Your Music-Loving Customer

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on January 24, 2009

Social media seems to be everywhere. The press can't get enough of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even MySpace. But yesterday, I learned something new from Paul Gillin that companies targeting music lovers can leverage to get closer to their audiences.

Bacon on FlickrI'm sure you've heard of the photo-sharing site Flickr.  Flickr has been steadily growing its "Flickr Groups" portfolio for some time now.  You can now find people congregating around almost every topic imaginable.

Paul's example was how there are almost 2,000 people who share their pictures about bacon. Those 2,000 people share 3,300 pictures and have 84 discussions going...about bacon! (photo credit Darwin Bell)

So, what can you do to grow your business by participating in a group like DJ Gear Equipment (168 people), Music Lovers (2,600 people), or Music Photographers under 25 (426 members)?

The first key is begin to get active, but don't sell. If anyone catches a whiff that you are actively selling anything, you'll either get ignored or shut down.  You, or whomever you assign from your company to cover a particular group, must be viewed as a someone willing to help or add to a conversation.

The second key is that in order for social media to work for a company, you have to have something valuable to say.  What you say as part of the discussion, or through the photos you have, must either inform or entertain your target customer. Also, you shouldn't just link back to your corporate site. You need to link to helpful content like a blog, ezine or maybe a resources section of your website (a blog would be best, but an ezine could be powerful).

It works like this...

  • Start getting active in a highly targeted group (answer questions, upload images, be part of the conversation).
  • The more you do this, the more credibility you have as being a real person.
  • If you link back to your blog or ezine, people who trust you will check it out.
  • Once they see that the content on your site is good, they'll come back for more, sign up for the RSS feed, or share it with friends.
  • If they are a target buyer for your product, they will see your product or service as a strong contender (If not THE strongest).

It does take time...but this model works. Start working on your content product now, so that you can be ready to go when you find the right Flickr group for you.


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