In Music Marketing You Have Only Two Choices: Information or Entertainment

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on September 28, 2008

A few weeks ago I attended an international business publishing conference in New York.  As expected, the same old presentations were there, including next generation digital media, audience development strategies, the integration of trade shows, and even how to grow print revenues. The one presentation that really turned the publishing audience on its head was one on custom marketing/publishing by Kirk Cheyfitz, CEO of Story Worldwide.

Cheyfitz, to the dismay of the media professionals in the audience, stated that we'd all (publishers and media) be out of a job in the next twenty years, as more and more brands come to realize that they need to create content and media machines of their own and won't need media partners anymore. It was clear that most of the audience disagreed with Cheyfitz. Regardless, there was one point in his presentation that was dead on, and hard for any marketer or publisher to disagree with.

Marketers today have two choices with their communication decisions:

1. Create and deliver relevant and compelling information, or
2. Show customers and prospects a good time.

Whether it's companies like Paul Reed Smith launching a new magazine (information), or Heineken's RED STAR SOUL (entertainment), the way to a music fan's soul is through information or entertainment. Whether you are targeting pop, jazz, R&B, country or classical music fans, the "song" for marketers always starts and ends with these two goals. Without one or the other, there is no value, and no connection possible. Product ads just don't do anymore, and can't cut through enough marketing clutter to make an impact.

Is this scenario a bit too simple...possibly? But making a connection with music fans today means you have to be bringing something of value to the table. If you position your brand as something that informs or entertains, and doesn't interrupt, do you think you could deliver on your overall marketing objectives?

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