Diet Coke Marries Content and Integrated Distribution with Style Series

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on February 23, 2009

Diet Coke just launched their third installment of "Style Series", which has become an interesting mix of branded content and integrated distribution.

Diet Coke Style Series

Featured in this Mediapost article, the Diet Coke Style Series is a mixture of music, entertainment and fashion content.

Here's how it works: Fashion and entertainment elite are interviewed in Times Square. The resulting video is edited and then promoted on the Nasdaq and Reuters billboards in Times Square, as well as being streamed live through the Digital Broadcasting Group Video Network. The event can also be accessed through your mobile device.

The first Style Series episode, on Dec. 9, featured fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and recording artists Robin Thicke and Rihanna. The second, on Jan. 21, featured recording artist Natasha Bedingfield and fashion designer Stacey Bendet.

What I like: I like that Diet Coke is working to engage consumers with a passion for fashion and music in this unique way, bringing them ongoing and consistent content through industry stars. I also like that Diet Coke is leveraging a full arsenal of promotion tools, both traditional and viral, to get some attention for this.

What I don't like: The simplicity of going to a site with just a video is appealing, but I really wanted to view other videos, more information on the past and next events, and more information on the program. 

I'd also like to see them clearly integrate the power of social media through the site. For example, what if I wanted to follow them on Twitter for inside updates on the events, or when the latest videos would be released. I wonder if there is a Facebook or MySpace strategy?  There may be, but it's not available on the site.

What about out-takes? Transcripts? In-depth bios?

So far, I like what I see, but also see the potential for much, much more. So long as they are producing all this great content, might as well get it to as many target customers as possible, right?


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