Denny’s Pulls an Allnighter with Rockstar Menu

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on October 15, 2008

For years some consumers have thought that they could do a better job in the kitchen than the Denny’s workers themselves. Well, Denny’s finally gave in, but did the incomprehensible – they let rock stars into their kitchen.

Denny’s Inaugural Rockstar Menu is an interesting program where they let rock stars into their kitchen to prepare an original meal that would hopefully be a welcome addition to the Denny’s menu. The Plain White T’s came up with a “Plain White Shake” (vanilla shake with cheesecake), while the All-American Rejects concocted a little “S.O.S” (hamburger with sausage gravy).

For whatever you think about Denny’s, this campaign has legs, and the results show. With almost everyone in the free world aware of Denny’s, generating more awareness wasn’t going to drive new business.

From the depth of content available on the Denny’s Allnighter site, to the Adopt-a-Band program, Denny’s is being talked about on blogs and MySpace pages that would been impossible just a year ago. The program has been so virally successful that they’ve received over 1 million unique visitors to the site in just the last three months.

Mark Chmiel, Sr. VP of Brand Innovation for Denny’s, stated that Denny’s was in need of building a “much deeper relationship” with young buyers. The goal according to him – “Content and Relationships.”

Something Moons Over My Hammy could never accomplish.

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