Bob Evans Gets Spicy with Bob-B-Q Tour

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on October 24, 2008

Although the tour just ended, I was intrigued with Bob Evans' online/event campaign “Wildfire Tour” that promoted their summer “Bob-B-Q” rib entrees. The seven-city tour in the Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia area catered to families, involving music, games, prizes and, of course, Bob Evans food.

Bob Evans Wildfire TourBob Evans promoted the events with the help of their “Bob Evans” Wildfire Tour site. From the looks of it, Bob Evans hired a freelancer to blog regularly about the tour on the site, but the draw was their dancing bottle of Bob-B-Q sauce. Users were able to upload an image, which is then placed on the bottle. From there, users can pick the bottle to dance to bluegrass, rock or hip-hop music (of course, I picked hip-hop). From there, can share with a friend or upload a new image.

Here’s my take.  I like that Bob Evans is thinking out of the box, but I’m wondering what kind of impact this made on event attendance or an increase in sales. Also, the blog is hidden within the site, and doesn’t get any traction in search engines at all (from what I can tell).

Since the target was families, a blog or ongoing account of each event with pictures, video and text could have really told a powerful story about the event and the new product. If video was taken that day, it could be uploaded to the site the next day so that families can spread the word to other families within the area and get people talking about the event. Now that's engagement!

From the releases, the event sounds like a lot of fun, and the integration of music on the site is evident…but there could have been a powerful story here that I’m just not seeing. Possibly something for Bob Evans to build on next year.

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