Best Marketing ROI - A Custom Magazine?

Posted By Joe Pulizzi on January 31, 2009

I'm sitting here on a Saturday catching up on some email, and I received a note from an old customer of mine from my Penton Media days.

It was about seven years ago when we launched a custom magazine for his company, a software technology firm.

Through our email exchange, I couldn't help but ask him how the magazine was doing. In all the marketing cutbacks we've seen over the past year, I was hoping it didn't get the axe.

I was pleasantly surprised at his response.

"How's the magazine going?"

"Still going strong! Now 40,000 circulation. Flat out the best marketing program we've ever had outside of our website. We're adding a digital version and more pages in the next issue."

I know for a fact that the magazine itself contributed to more NEW business while we ran the project than any other marketing initiative they ran.

Here's the point...valuable, relevant content in the form of a custom magazine is extremely powerful when it meets the needs of customer.

As you continue to evolve your budget for the rest of 2009 and beyond, seriously consider the inclusion of a print magazine or newsletter. As more traditional magazines go belly up and many marketers begin to have tunnel vision with online initiatives, there is a clear opportunity to take advantage of an underserved channel (print) with a valuable piece of content (magazine).

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